Play the Piano

Play the Piano!

Learn to play a keyboard instrument in the comfort of your own home. Learn on the instrument you will actually be playing. There are basically two approaches I use in teaching keyboards: The traditional approach and the chord approach.

Traditional Approach

In the traditional approach the student learns to read both bass clef and treble clef so music can be played the way the composer or arranger intended it to be played. This approach doesn't mean you have to be aiming to be a concert pianist. Almost all of the students I have trained were learning to play just for fun. This is usually the better method for young beginning students.

Chord Approach

This is the method used by most musicians who play popular music. They often can’t read music; they play by ear. If they can do it, so can you. All you need is a little training! You learn to read simple melodies for the right hand and you learn chord symbols for the left hand. You can alter the way you play the chords to get a wide variety of musical styles.


About once a year, usually in the summer, the student has the option of recording a recital CD. The student chooses three or four pieces to perform and I record them in your home using a MIDI keyboard. This means that minor mistakes can be corrected, if desired. Also, different sounds can be used. For some of the pieces I will create and record an orchestral accompaniment. I also take pictures of the student at the keyboard to use for the CD inserts.

A few samples of music from student CD's can be found here.


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